About KlayWorm

Inspired by the popular web game, KlayWorm is a simple-to-play sidescroller with a crypto twist. As it is with KlayFlight, this game is highly addictive, and rewards users for earning points. What is different, however, is the multiplayer aspect. In this game, user is faced with other users, all fighting for the final grand prize of KLAYG.
In-game view

Get Started

You can get started right away by clicking/touching any part of the screen.
However, you must set up a profile with a wallet address if you wish to withdraw your reward, as well as participate in Leaderboard. In the current beta version, this is not supported yet.
The purpose of the game is to accumulate more score by eating candies, or by killing off opponents. A worm dies when its head hits its own body, or other worms’ body. By successfully evading other worms and trapping them into hitting other bodies, you can rack up scores and win!

How to Play

There are several ways to play, depending on the device you are using. On a mobile device the functions are limited to make the controls simpler.
On a keyboard,
Q - accelerate
W - slow down
E - use invisibility skill
On a mouse,
Left click - accelerate
Winning is simple - don’t die!

Reward System

Every 30,000 points will reward you with 0.001 KLAYG. The game is free to play, unless the number of players in the game exceed the maximum number of free players. If the numbers exceed the maximum, it will cost 0.001~1 KLAYG to participate in the game. The points (or KLAYG) taken from losing players are then distributed to winning players, with 27% of the winning used as fees.
You can gain points by either by directly destroying other players (when they run into your body) or by taking a place within the Leaderboard.
In the current beta version the reward system is not active, and will be implemented in the future versions.
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