About KlayFalock

Yet another simple but addictive game, KlayFalock is a fast-paced multiplayer battle for power. The game may be littered with cute characters but the gameplay is far from being cute. Players go head-to-head to gain control of the field, and to command more birds to - you guessed it - earn more KLAYG.

Get Started

The game is currently in testing and is not available for public usage. Please check back at a later date to learn more.
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How to Play

The purpose of this game is to accumulate a flock of birds to follow you around. When you locate a bird that does not belong to a flock, it will join your flock and make your flock bigger. The real excitement happens when two players with their flocks run into each other! The bigger flock will take the birds from a smaller flock, stripping the player with smaller flock of his or her birds.
This is a mobile-only game, meaning that all controls are made using touch. Touch the direction you wish to go, and your flock will head that way.
Evade players with bigger flocks than you, and try to absorb smaller flocks from opponents. If you have reached the biggest flock when the time is up, you’ll be the winner.

Reward System

The game will cost 0.001~1 KLAYG to participate. The points (or KLAYG) taken from losing players are then distributed to winning players, with 27% of the winning amount used as fees.
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