About KlayVegas

KlayVegas is, as the name implies, a digital version of a casino where you can walk around and play different games offered in casinos. There are variety of games offered in this metaverse, from Baccarat, Roulette, Black Jack, and Texas Hold’em and more. It also employs a more advanced model, as there are NFTs, as well as bonuses for playing more.
Unlike the other three games, the fee structure here closely follows that of a casino. However, in this game, there is another parameter tentatively named “Energy.” For playing each game, Energy is spent, which can be replenished using the Resort to rest, or by participating in activities that charge Energy.
At the moment the game is in early development stages, and cannot be played. Here are some screenshots to whet your appetite.
Welcome to KlayVegas
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Or navigate from the top view
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