About KlayFlight

KlayFlight is a simple game that can be controlled using a mouse or touch, depending on your device. As the first game on KlayGames, it is designed to demonstrate how easy it is build games for KlayGames, as well as to promote KlayGames to its future users. It also serves as an excellent way to earn KLAYG, while playing a fun game.
Opening Screen

Get Started

Create a username, with a password to join.
You must set up a profile with a wallet address if you wish to withdraw your reward, as well as participate in Leaderboard.
Each game is free to play, until 10,000 KLAYG has been given out in rewards. Afterwards, it will cost 0.001~1 KLAYG to play, depending on your pot. You must have KLAYG in your account to play at that point.
Play Screen

How to Play

User selects a desired character, and dodge obstacles on screen to earn KLAYG.
Points are given as you pass each candles, or grab coins mid-flight. If you hit the ground, or a candle, the game is over.
Every 30,000 points will reward you with 0.001 KLAYG until reward pool has been exhausted.
If you fail to reach 30,000 points within a round, you will not be rewarded.

Additional Rewards

You can also be rewarded for reaching high score on the Leaderboard! For this, you will be rewarded weekly. The amount of reward for making it on the Leaderboard will be the amount of tokens lost by those who did not make it. However, a service charge of 27% will be applied to that amount, and with the upcoming update, you will be able to see the Leaderboard reward accumulate on the website.
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