Initial Games
KlayGames is a platform designed with easy integration in mind. For existing projects and new projects alike, building on KlayGames to integrate with various ecosystems is fast, economical, and convenient.
To demonstrate, KlayGames will begin with four initial games, of which do not have their own proprietary tokens. For these initial games, KLAYG will be used exclusively, except for KlayVegas.
The four initial games KlayGames will launch with are as follows:
  1. 1.
  2. 2.
  3. 3.
  4. 4.
These four games are games that have been compiled with Java using HTML5 and WebGL rendering API, playable straight from any web browser. They serve to exemplify how simple it is to launch a blockchain-infused project on KlayGames, as well as providing initial users fun, easy ways to earn rewards. Simple to play and participate, these games will also display how Klay Gas is used within the KlayGames ecosystem, as users will be rewarded with KLAYG as they compete against one another, or against the leaderboard. KLAYG will be used for character customization, as well as unlocking additional content, and is expected to not only provide a monetary compensation system for the games but a cross-games market across the suite of games hosted on KlayGames.
The details regarding these four initial games can be found to the left panel.
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