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KlayGames is a platform for new play-to-earn (P2E) blockchain-based games to grow on. Based on a monetization model similar to that of Steam, KlayGames seeks to create a fertile environment in which new game projects can be fostered, but with a twist: Reward our users for playing the games, all using the robust Klaytn network to create fast transactions.
Here is a summary of how the platform works.
KlayGames is a platform for new games to gain traction through bootstrapping via an established community. And by maintaining a standard for high-quality, fun to play games, we make sure the new games joining the platform benefit the KlayGames ecosystem as well as receiving benefits.
KLAYG(KlayGames) is the token used for all transactions occurring in the games hosted on KlayGames. Each new game, depending on the developer, may or may not have its own token. However, the design of the system act in such way that KLAYG will remain as the essential link between the users and the games, in conjunction with those tokens.
Read on for how games are hosted on KlayGames, and how the KlayGames token, KLAYG, comes into play.
Last modified 2yr ago